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Stop The Pirates: Sony Hacking Case Shockingly Linked To Obama Regim...

Stop The Pirates: Sony Hacking Case Shockingly Linked To Obama Regim...: December 19, 2014 A new report prepared by the Ministry of Defense ( MoD ) circulating in the Kremlin today states that ...

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Stop The Pirates: What does this have to do with me?

Stop The Pirates: What does this have to do with me?: In 1933, the governors of all the states met to discuss the "emergency" declared by FDR and to support the new process that was b...

The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen

By Jim Fetzer (with Dennis Cimino)
The absence of evidence that should be present and the presence of evidence that should be absent are keys to unraveling Sandy Hook. And the suppression of the new documentary, “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”, appears to be backfiring. Proof of fraud and fakery continues to mount, substantiating it was a drill and no children died.
An interesting article comparing Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing was published by A.J. MacDonald, “Sandy Hook: Hoax or Truth?” He observed that, “The Boston bombing had everything Sandy Hook didn’t: video footage of the bombing, photos of the bombing, photos and videos of the wounded, and lots of blood.” But studies of the Boston bombing reveal the use of actors, fake blood and a staged sequence of events.
“The claim that Sandy Hook was a hoax”, he continues, “is founded upon the fact that we have no video of the shooter, no photos of the shooter, no video or photos of the victims, and no blood. And it seems to me that if lack of evidence is evidence of a hoax, then the Boston bombing isn’t a hoax. I’ve written on this subject before, and it boils down to epistemology, or answering the question: How do we know anything?”
But MacDonald only has it half-right: the absence of evidence counts as evidence only if the evidence that is absent should be present. And the presence of evidence only counts provided it is authentic rather than faked. When some evidence is on both sides, the challenge is to assess their respective weight on the basis of scientific principles of reasoning. Some cases, as we shall see, are easier to appraise than others.
Remember. Given the legal principle, “Fraud vitiates everything”, if it is provably false in even one material respect, the official account has been thereby vitiated. That is untrue of attempted falsifications, however, since any number of them could turn out to be mistaken as long as others that remain are valid. And, for those who want a refresher of the dimensions of the hoax, see “Sandy Hook: Ten more proofs that vitiate the official account”. It didn’t happen.

Absence of evidence that should be present

Consider the DASHCAM footage of the Sandy Hook parking lot at the times and locations where, according to the official report by Danbury State’s Attorney, Stephen Sedensky, some 469 students (not to mention the 75 staff, teachers, custodians, administrators and such) should have been evacuated. When we look at the footage, we discover they aren’t there! And they aren’t there because no evacuation was taking place:
The claim is often made that you can’t prove a negative. But in this case, we just did: the DASHCAM footage shows that no evacuation was taking place. An even simpler case is the claim that there is an elephant in your living room. If you go to that location and find no indications of the presence of an elephant, you are entitled to infer there’s no elephant in your living room. And if there was no evacuation, it didn’t happen.

Presence of evidence that should be absent

You might think that I have blundered by overlooking the “iconic” photograph by Shannon Hicks, which appears to show fifteen children being led away from the school by a police woman. This image made its way around the world and was published on virtually every front page of every newspaper in print. But we know now that there was a second photograph, also taken by Shannon Hicks, that gave the game away:
The public was taken in by Shannon’s first photograph, even though it was a cold day on 14 December 2012: the temperature was 28*F and there was frost on the ground. But no one paid attention to signs that it had to have been taken earlier in the year (taken as early as October). And had it not been for the discovery of her second photo, she might have gotten away with it:
Once the second photo emerged, however, the game was up: parents would not have been present in time for the emergency evacuation, where the road to the school was blocked at the firehouse; and they certainly would not have been standing with their arms folded had this been a bona fide shooting. In this case, we have the presence of evidence that should not be present at all.

Another inexplicable presence of evidence

Those who have been following the case will appreciate how many times there is an absence of evidence that should be present (such as the missing oil stains in the Sandy Hook parking lot) and the presence of evidence that should be absent (such as the neon sign, “Everyone must check in”), which has intrigued students of Sandy Hook virtually from the beginning. Here it is:
Does anyone seriously believe that there would be a registration procedure at a school shooting massacre? What we have here is the presence of evidence that should be absent–like the Porta Potties, where Wolf has been refused information about who ordered them. And the reason appears to be that they were on the scene the day before, 13 December 2012, which, according to the manual that we have found covering this case, was only the drill to be presented as a live event the following day.  Consider this man’s performance:
New information has surfaced that Gene Rosen works for FEMA, which is stunning, because Sandy Hook appears to have been a FEMA Capstone Event. What you see here suggests that FEMA has a cadre of adult and child actors who are available for FEMA-managed events. One of the fascinating features of this video is that it shows Gene Rosen with children in Texas at FEMA events, where the same children later appear at the White House while President Barack Obama signs 23 executive orders to control ownership of guns.

“We need to talk about Sandy Hook”

A new documentary, drawing upon video studies by many students of Sandy Hook, “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”, has been taken down again and again, primarily, it appears, on the basis of fabricated copyright claims by one “Lenny Posner” (aka Leonard P. Osner), who has the parental integrity to produce a fake death certificate for his alleged son, Noah.
A few days ago, I received an interesting critique of “We need to talk about Sandy Hook” from Dave Kraft, where his response, with regard to the performance of Gene Rosen, was comparable to that of other Sandy Hook skeptics. Here is what Dave had to say about the totality of the documentary, which is being taken down right and left and therefore must have compelling proof that it was a hoax:
Dear James,
The first couple of segments really struck me as Kryptonite to the Sandy Hook hoax. I thought it faded a little after that. The segments on the more technical aspects don’t really have as much impact. The one on Gene’s various versions of the story about kids showing up at his house is just a stab to the heart of the hoax. The footage of him walking around the fire house is just so damaging, especially the segments with the split screen with the two female interviewers and the correction of the cameraman. The look on the female interviewers’ faces is priceless. One of them looks like she can barely contain her contempt for Gene’s terrible acting.
To me the most compelling evidence is Wayne’s Carver’s press conference. Maybe the group thought too much had already been said about Wayne.
1. Wayne Carver’s surreal antics is far and away my number one reason for not believing the official story
2. The flanking cops reactions to Wayne’s performance and the video camera women in the background that is not operating her professional grade camera at the biggest news event of the decade!
3. Paul Vance’s threats of prosecution for not buying his story; reminds me of the Holocaust deniers being put in prison.
4. Governor’s shocking admission of advanced warning; even more telling was no reporter screaming “Who warned you, Governor????!!!!!!!!!!!!” I knew then it was not a real press conference.
5. The non-grieving exhibited of all victims families, especially the sisters, brother and uncle of the teacher. You could see maybe the brother and uncle holding in the grief, but not both sisters too!
6. The trail of money flowing like new wine at harvest time – out into the vanishing point of time. The fund raising by 911 victims’ families did not approach that of Sandy Hook – a much lesser event in scale and number of victims.
7. Gene’s worst acting performance ever
8. Missing evacuation of students reminds me of the four missing planes on 911 that were never reconstructed in hangers like they always do. They retrieved and reconstructed JFK Jr’s plane from the ocean floor.
9. When George Stefanopolis and Anderson Cooper sat in directors chairs at the scene on TV, casually discussing mass murder like it was a prognostication of a college football game at Notre Dame. That completely blew my mind. It really cemented the idea the press was part of the scam like nothing else.
10. The creation of the charity fund from the Lanza’s neighbor… that should have taken a few days. Where is his interview about knowing the Lanzas? Seems like they always interview the neighbors of mass murderers. How was he not relentlessly hounded for information? Did he hear the gunshots that killed Lanza’s mother? Did he see Adam load weapons into the car and drive away? The idea the fund was planned before hand could be doubted… that’s the problem with all the technical segments. Too abstract compared to the press conferences of the main players… Carver, Vance and Gov. Malloy.

Censorship of video backfiring

Rob Dew on is joined by two of the filmmakers behind the video, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”from the group,, QK Ultra and Tyranny News, who talk about its viral success despite the ongoing, even fanatical, efforts to suppress it.  The video brings together ten students of Sandy Hook, each of whom contributed their own segment to the 2.5 hour-long production:
Virtually on a daily basis, more and more revelations are coming forth, which continue to strengthen and reinforce the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a drill, that no children died and that it was done not only to promote a far-reaching gun-control agenda but to introduce a new billion-dollar industry of health care for school children, including drug therapy, which President Obama signed on 16 January 2013, only a month after the alleged massacre.

Sandy Hook “From A to Z”

The evidence they discuss includes that many web sites for donations to the families of the victims were up before the shooting occurred, which Dr. Eowyn has documented.  For additional stunning evidence that should not have been present prior to the alleged shooting, “Sandy Hook Deception: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre”. Which is one more especially striking way we know that it didn’t happen.
Here is the latest and best presentation by Wolfgang Halbig about Sandy Hook. This very patient review of the evidence presents one case after another of the presence of evidence that should be absent and of the absence of evidence–such as a surge of EMTs rushing into the building to get those little bodies off to local hospitals to be declared dead or alive and the missing Med-Evac helicopter–that should be present. Test your Sandy Hook IQ by figuring out how many proofs we have that this was a hoax. Wolf is introduced at about 24:00.

The deeper, darker truths

by Dennis Cimino
When Sandy Hook first occurred back in the end of 2012, many of us who had done the research then began to see the inexorably linked events such as were Tucson and Aurora and for that matter the LAX staged shooting, the Dorner hoax, and the Boston PsyOpera hoaxes run under Project Longevity by Eric Holder, who has stated publicly that the American people ‘must be brainwashed’ about gun control. These hoaxes have been hastily but nonetheless deliberately cobbled together to control the way the people of the world think about gun ownership. Guns in the hands of the citizens, in any nation, have been and always were the last line of defense against despotic, rogue governments who’s sole purpose is to perpetuate (Project Longevity) the Rothschilds global financial hegemon.
This is not just about U.S. gun control, but gun control globally, stifling resistance by all of those who seek to unshackle from debt slavery. In the grand scheme of things, the United States has been in financial collapse now for a long time. The writing was on the wall once the FED (aka the Rothschilds), decided that they could print money at whim, which in the process thereby began to bring about a global collapse of all currencies as other nation states run by their central banks followed suit to keep the bubble from bursting and ending the charade known as modern day “capitalism”, a euphemism for fiat money laundering by acquisition of hard assets like precious metals, gold and silver, through a global “switch out” of worthless paper known as the U.S. dollar.
The Rothschilds have long since mastered the technique of trading worthless paper for hard assets. They own virtually half if not more of the world’s wealth, largely accomplished by means of relentless central bank thievery. As the United States begins to disappear into the quantitative easing ‘hole’ the Rothschilds built to bury this country in, the risks to the counterfeiters is very great. As much of the world has begun to awaken to the role of central banks, which have stolen the wealth of the sheeple, the end game as some of us see it, it is entirely possible that the only major obstacle to the brutal enslavement and impoverishment of the world is the American people and their arsenal. The stakes could hardly be higher.

Dennis Cimino was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s. He is also the author of “Running out of time: Will the US attack the US again?” 

Jim Fetzer

A former Marine Corps officer, Jim Fetzer has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.

McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone.

The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).

Los Angeles Looks Like A War Zone Shocking Videos Two Major Freeways Closed Two Major Fires Started 1AM and 4AM
The Los Angeles Times reported that the fire broke out at around 1:20 a.m. local time and could be seen all over Los Angeles, with some images of the blaze taken from as far away as the Hollywood Hills appearing on social media.   The paper reported that the complex under construction, known as the Da Vinci, was the latest in a series of apartment buildings built near the 110-101 interchange, just north of downtown.

Shortly after 4 a.m., another fire was reported at a mixed-use building about 2 miles to the west.   Hundreds of firefighters from multiple agencies responded  to the massive flames.   According to Chief Deputy Mario D. Rueda the reason is unknown how these fires got started in the middle of the night.
Was this a BOMB?  Looks huge like it is a major explosion, and there is an upcoming Los Angeles  Military Urban Drill scheduled to take place at any time…………

DaVinci apartment fire damages Los Angeles government buildings

map via

The California Highway Patrol says that transition lanes between the 110 and 101 have been shut down and the overpass was completely damaged, like a bomb would do.


The fire damaged the headquarters of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and other buildings which we will find out more later, as  this is an ongoing major story for the people in Los Angeles.


From this video looks like a bomb went off the fire is so HUGE and you can hear some kind of shots exploding in to the destruction.  Can you imagine driving along and seeing this in your city.. 


This is HUGE for any downtown to suffer the damages.

Before the fire, the district had issued a wood-burning ban for residents of L.A. and Orange counties and the Inland Empire because of the weak winds, which create stagnant air and high concentrations of fine particulates. 
So Los Angeles we are praying for you because looks like you are in for more drama.

Torture Report Paves Way For Arrest of Top Neo-cons

The 500 page report of Bush era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power. While much of what is in the report is old news to most aware humans, the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important. For one thing it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media. It confirms information given to me earlier that the Cohen faction of the cabal had broken ranks with the Bush faction.

Even more important is that, according to establishment rules, once an incident is “in the news” then action must be taken. Since the United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, it means their government is bound by law to prosecute war criminals. This means, just as we predicted last week, that George Bush Jr. and the entire Nazi (Neo-con) faction of the cabal, are headed for jail and possibly even the death penalty.

The release of this report comes as the British Crown Prince William was in Washington to “attend a World Bank conference.” Japanese government sources say that while in Washington, William signed treaties

that confirmed a change of ownership of the corporate government of the United States. However, MI5 sources could only confirm that William did sign some documents. The timing of the release of the torture report may have been linked to that.

Also, remember how Bush Jr. and Tony Blair each went for private audiences with pope malevolent (Benedict XVI) after they left office? They were showing the world they had a powerful protector and were beyond prosecution. Well, the new Pope Francis and the P2 have taken away their immunity and that is why war crimes trials are now possible.

The UN, UK government officials, the Chinese and many others are clamoring for this right now. 

Some of the top Bush clients around the world are now, understandably, running scared because their big patron is losing. One of these is the Dalai Lama, a hypocritical Nazi murderer who was refused an audience with the pope last week. This means he has no protection. Another one is the Sultan of Brunei who, according to CIA agents in South East Asia, has always been one of the key money launderers for the Bush world wide narcotics business. A third is the Agha Khan, a descendant of the Prophet Mohamed who runs a lot of the Al Qaeda type of stuff for the Bush faction, according to MI5 sources.

The Agha Khan, the Dalai Lama and the Sultan of Brunei were all members of a secretive committee that controlled global collateral account funds that were meant to be used for the benefit of the people of the planet but were instead mostly embezzled.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Philadelphia based source who predicted such things as the attack on Malaysian airlines, is now saying the Bushes and their cabalists have stolen US dollar funds belonging to the Russian and Venezuelan governments. This comes after their recent theft of the Japanese government pension fund.

For that reason, the people who run the UK pound and Euro systems have been by-passing the US controlled SWIFT system and are routing their transactions through Hong Kong, according to Chinese sources. In public this can be confirmed by a statement issued last week by IMF director Christine Lagarde:

“The IMF’s membership has been calling on and was expecting the United States to approve the IMF’s 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms by year-end. Adoption of the reforms remains critical to strengthen the Fund’s credibility, legitimacy, and effectiveness, and to ensure it has sufficient permanent resources to meet its members’needs. I have now been informed by the U.S. Administration that the reforms are not included in the budget legislation currently before the U.S. Congress. I have expressed my disappointment to the U.S authorities and hope that they continue to work toward speedy ratification. As requested by our membership, we will now proceed to discuss alternative options for advancing quota and governance reforms and ensuring that the Fund has adequate resources, starting with an Executive Board meeting in January 2015.” 

Translation: the Europeans are going to dump the Americans and join the BRICS alliance starting in January.

There has also been an ongoing tectonic plate shift in the Middle East. The Pentagon has now joined with the Russians, the Turks, the Iranians to work with Syria against the Salafist forces in Syria, according to the Mossad linked Debka newsletter. 

This is very bad news for Saudi Arabia and other top benefactors of the Bush controlled petro-dollar system.

The plunge in oil prices, with the market now talking $40 a barrel, is another sign the petrodollar system is in trouble. A price this low has already almost certainly bankrupted some major financial companies. Another indication that something is going down is the fact that the Baltic Dry Index is down to its lowest level since immediately after the Lehman Brothers shock. Well, remember all those dead JP Morgan bankers, most of them involved in IT and computer based algorithmic trading? There is growing talk that JP Morgan is going to be the next Lehman Brothers.

Certainly people at the Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury Department are expecting something nasty to happen. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is seeking “survival kits for its employees.” These include emergency food supplies, blankets, water purifiers etc. 

This is not the sort of stuff used in run of the mill financial crises. The other sign is the fact the Chicago Branch of the Federal Reserve Board has bricked up its windows. Clearly they are expecting trouble. Since they have talked openly in the past about confiscating people’s bank accounts, it may be they are getting ready for the riots that would certainly follow such a move. See minute 15 of this video for a picture of the bricked up windows:

Also, if there are any readers of this newsletter in Los Angeles, we would like to ask them if they have any information on the fire shown in these pictures. It seems to have been the result of some sort of military attack and could be a sign that civil war is imminent in the US. 

Meanwhile, in Japan the ruling Liberal Democratic Party won a massive majority at the lower house election held on December 14th. However, Japanese right wingers say that result was not going to be enough to keep slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in power. Some sort of leadership convention is expected after Abe steps down “for reasons of ill health,” they say. We shall see.

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The global currency reset is now 100% confirmed, activated and performing.


Bank of China monies have been received into master paymaster accounts globally, yet still are unreleased to private groups or the public as of Monday evening EST.

The United States Treasury was sequestered to solve government shut down threat this coming Thursday. But remaining cabal leadership, led by David Cohen of UST, is still fighting public disclosure of TRN tooth and nail. However, his delay attempts are futile as theBelieve it or notcabal has been rendered incapable of starting yet another war/mass destruction event (a la 9/11 or 3/11).
Obama administration wants to make it look like Republicans are blocking 2015 government funding, so the Democrats can step in and create a gold backed currency solution.
This, he hopes, will ensure his presidential legacy before he is either impeached or removed from office by other measures.

Barak Obama is a common citizen again, no longer President of the United States. The Asian Elders are mercifully allowing him to play out his hand and perform his last and final tasks.
The 1871 USA Corporation he was running has been declared insolvent by an international world court that quietly governs the affairs of sovereign nations. Meaning, all debts and assets of the USA Corporation have fallen back to its initial collateral issuer, which are ancient Asian Royal Families. They were the ones who financed the British Rebellion and put gold up to start the USA back in 1776--and as a tribute, we shoot off fireworks every July 4th. True story.
Wall Street also wants a quick public solution to their very public derivatives problems, which will becovered by the new gold back currency announcement. They want to start making big money again under the new banking system.
Meanwhile, 7 global trustees—all with different sign off tiers--have a release agreement in place with Sovereign Families, Governments, Banks, BRICS for the GCR/RV to monetarily begin. It's final execution date is unknown, but monies are flowing out to holding entities and paymasters right now.
When all 7 trustees have signed off, the public announcement of the RV will occur. We have confirmationthat 3 trustees have signed off and will be receiving funds.

England's Prince William is one such trustee, and was in NYC/DC to sign off this week.

Chinese Trustees Madame Wu and General Li have signed off and are to receive funds.
New Republic President Carter Ham is another trustee. This means that the General 64 Group & The Admiral's Group should get their start after President Ham has signed off, expected this week, as groups have been cleared to receive and disburse payouts.

Historical Bonds began paying outlast Friday worldwide. Sovereigns families will be hydrated first, followed by governments, tier 1 - 3 banks, private groups, and lastly the general public.
TRN currency and the scheduled public announcement are to be live no later than 12/15, whereby anyone can ask for new currency ... and actually get it.
Currently, all on-screen digital accounts, in all banks worldwide, are now gold backed. That switch was made back in early November without public announcement. Thus, the public TRN announcement has more to do with the fulfillment of international law rather than being a procedural administrative necessity.
The US Republic government announcement can only come as soon as old corporate government has publicly been denounced; however, the announcement of TRN by former President Barak Obama satisfies this international requirement and is expected at any moment.
No one knows how New Republic information will be made available moving forward, as it is sure to upset the general population that its USA has been bankrupted by its own elected leadership and is now in receivership of foreign Asian Elders.

But at least the TRN announcement is the cabal's official public acknowledgment of surrender, as it ends theirworldwide financially reign via the UD Federal Reserve Bank & Global Central Banking System.
Know the objective of these Asian Elders is to re-establish USA sovereignty, not occupy its boarders and control it's population. But to do this, they have to root out all the entrenched toxic power structures and replace it with new leadership. Hence the reality of a General Carter Ham--a loyal American General, working for the Asian Elders,yet serving US interests as a true patriot.
Forex rates for all revaluing currencies will adjust at a moments notice and without advanced warning. That event will occur with no public announcement. Trading at the new RV rates has been occurring for several months now.

Banks have been training employees to handle redeeming RV currency clients very discreetly, and without extra attention. Even setting up off site redemption centers to handle heavy volume and high volume clients.

Private, NDA confidential RV redemptions have been on going for over a year now, and because Wells Fargo is the new clearing house bank for the new UST Republic government, it has now surpassed all other banks in the USA, and now accounts for 25% of all mortgage loans.

Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank and Bank of America are all now owned in majority by the Chinese Elders. Expect some large banking acquisitions and name changes in the near future. With Wells Fargo originally founded by Chinese Royal Families for Chinese American gold prospectors.
IRS, Homeland Security and FEMA Agencies will be eliminated in the new 2015 USA Republic budget. All 3agencies were illegal formed under the original USA Constitution, which will also be restored and amended by President Ham. YES ! THANK GOD
Americans will still pay taxes,just not to the IRS and not as much. Corporations and banks will have their loopholes closed as well.

All these massive changes, either in banking or basic structure of USA Republic government, has been or will be gradual, as not to upset the general population's day-to-day routine.

The Asian Royal Elders prefer an anonymous and harmonious transition, as a healthy and financially sustainable USA provides long term growth opportunities for China and the world.




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Terrified France Warns Russia Of Obama “Terror Spectacular”

December 8, 2014

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An ominous report prepared by the General Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) circulating in the Kremlin today states that the emergency meeting held Saturday morning in Moscow between President Putin and French President François Hollande was due to the discovery of France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) of a “la terreur spectaculaire” [English: terror spectacular] being planned by the Obama regime.
According to this report, early Saturday morning (6 December), President Hollande was in route to Paris from his state visit to Kazakhstan when his plane requested an immediate/emergency flight path deviation to Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport (VIA) where the French leader “requested/demanded” that he be met by Putin upon his landing.
Upon President Hollande’s arrival at VIA, this report continues, he was escorted with his security/intelligence entourage to the government’s Terminal 2 facilities “safe room” that protects its occupants from electronic surveillance. 
Upon Putin’s “rushed arrival” and meeting with his French counterpart at the VIA, GRU analysts in this report say, a “visibly distraught” President Hollande began detailing how his countries DGSE had informed him of their uncovering of an Obama regime plot to stage a massive false flag terror attack which the blame of which would placed on Russia.
President Hollande further noted to Putin his fears that Russia would be forced to retaliate against the United States, this report says, but expressed his alarm thatFrance could be catastrophically impacted by such a conflict, and which with his meeting he was attempting to insure would not happen.
Though this report does not detail any response to President Hollande from Putin, it does note that he did order the sudden deployment of the S-400 'Triumph' and Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air missile systems, as well as the Kasta radar station, to central Moscow this morning.
Equally as ominous, this report warns, is that President Hollande’s warning to Putin came one day after the US Congress passed what is in essence a declaration of war against the Russian Federation.
This Obama regime declaration of war against the Russian Federation, known as House Resolution 758, the GRU confirms, was passed overwhelmingly by the US Congress on 5 December without the American peoples knowledge and/or consent, a fact shockingly described by the award-winning author, and Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Michel Chossudovsky, who stated: “This historic vote – which potentially could affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide– has received virtually no media coverage. A total media blackout prevails.”
Former US Congressman Ron Paul, likewise, this report states, blasted this declaration of war by stating:
As to the why of the Obama regimes plan to attack the Federation, this report continues, was articulated earlier today by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov who said:
Though the vast majority of Americans have no idea about the catastrophe to come due to the Obama regime declaring war on Russia, the same cannot be said of the more than 120 senior military, political and diplomatic figures from across the world that warned last week at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons of the nightmare about to occur.
The grim fate of nuclear war to strike the average American person, however, cannot be said of their elites, who in a detailed report released this past week have been discovered to be building massive underground fortresses to protect themselves.
December 8, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.
[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

First the evil Pope, then the dumb Secretary of Defense, now Netanyahu, next the Bush clan

The satanic cabal is suffering a series of catastrophic defeats. Like a snowball gradually turning larger, the removal of a few cabalists is now turning into an avalanche of losses for the cabal. The removal of Pope Maledict and the abdication of a several European royals is now being followed with the removal of key cabal power brokers in the United States. The low IQ, and easy to manipulate, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been replaced with Ashton Carter, a polymath with a PHD in theoretical physics. Under cabal rule, meritocrats like Carter ran into a glass ceiling. The fact that such a man is now in the top post is a good sign but, Carter will have to show with his actions that he is on the right side. The early omens are good. The US military industrial complex is out to oust mass murdering psychopath Benyamin Netanyahu had have already managed to overthrow his government. The evidence presented in a British court that Netanyahu was one of the key planners of the 311 tsunami and nuclear mass murder attack was a key reason for his loss of support inside the military industrial complex as well as in the Israeli government, Mossad sources say.

As soon as the US move to oust Netanyahu was reported in Israeli newspapers, US President Barack Obama was sent to a top military hospital for “acid reflux.” MI5 sources say it was likely he was poisoned by people close to Netanyahu. What the people close to Netanyahu fail to realize is that even if they had killed Obama it would have made no difference because he is just a spokesperson for the military industrial complex. The military industrial complex has a lot more men with guns than the cabal could ever dream of defeating even with their usual tool of targeted assassinations.

The other big sign that it is not business as usual in Washington is the fact the US Congress passed legislation that amounted to a declaration of war against Russia 

but this was ignored by both the military and the media. It means the cabal bribed fools in Congress have been removed from any real power.

The next thing the Joint Chiefs of Staff must do is to start rounding up and putting in jail the members of murderous Bush clan, starting with George Bush Sr.

In China as well, there was a very big move last week with the arrest of former top Security Chief Zhou Yongkang. 

According to Chinese government sources, the removal of Zhou was

part of an ongoing purge of Maoists. Mao was a cabal stooge who took his orders from Nazionists. Take a look at the pictures near the bottom of this link to see some of Mao’s handlers. 

The Chinese say that the removal of Zhou, following the removal last year of politburo heavyweight Bo Xilai, is aimed at purging all cabal influence from China’s power structure. Zhou was close to the Bush clan, the sources say.

There have also been some very interesting developments in Japan. The government of Shinzo Abe and the Bank of Japan have been caught laundering stolen gold, according to Japanese right wing sources.
Gold stolen from the IMF (2800 tons), from Germany (370 tons), from the Ukraine (42 tons) from South Africa (300 tons) 

etc. is apparently being sold to the Bank of Japan and the money produced is being laundered to top cabalists via the Japanese stock market. Take a look at this chart 

and note the Nikkei stock index started moving in exact (but reverse) tandem with the gold price immediately after Abe took power. Gold is sold, the price falls and then, slightly later, Nikkei is bought and the stock index rises. The money is then sent overseas and the Japanese yen falls. Remember Abe was put in power via an election stolen using Musashi Engineering vote counting machines. A paper trail of ownership of Musashi led to the Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations. Japan’s listed companies are all under effective control of cabalists like the Rockefellers, Bushes and Rothschilds so we can see that so-called Abenomics is just a giant cabal money laundering operation. Japan’s GDP is plunging (annualized minus 7.1% in the second quarter and minus 1.9% in the third quarter) because Japan is being looted to keep the cabal from bankruptcy.

Abe is now being told he will have to resign after the coming election even if his party wins, the right wingers say. No decision has been made yet over who will succeed him, the sources say. However, the new regime will be fundamentally different and the looting of Japan will be stopped, they promise.

A back of the envelope calculation shows that if the Japanese took back the shares illegally acquired by cabalists, there would be enough money to give the yen equivalent of $100,000 to each man woman and child in Japan. If the Americans did the same thing an even bigger bonanza would be possible in the US too.

There was also a major geopolitical tectonic plate shift in the Middle East last week when Turkey and Russia announced a gas pipeline would be built through the Black Sea connecting these two countries. There was also a major nuclear power deal announced. What this means is that a NATO member country, with the most powerful military in the Middle East, just broke ranks with the cabal. The Turks are also on very friendly terms with the Iranians.

The gulf oil monarchies and Israel are now circling the wagons and making their secret alliance not so secret but, that will not save them.

The Anglo Saxon military industrial complex is going to ally itself with the Russians, Turks and Iranians to help create a moderate Sufi based Muslim confederation in order to put a permanent end to the Saudi financed Salafist extremists. The new Israeli government due to take power in March of next year will have to come to terms with this in order to attain true peace in the Middle East.

Finally, take note of the fact that somebody has given new marching orders to UN head (and cabal stooge) Ban Ki Moon. He is now saying the UN’s new agenda involves “ending poverty, achieving shared prosperity and protecting our planet.” 

This is exactly what the awakening citizens of the planet have been asking for. It is finally happening.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Russian Forces Kill 8 CIA Agents In Massive Grozny Gun Battle

December 4, 2014

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A series of frantic reports flooding into the Kremlin today from the Federal Security Services (FSB) on the massive anti-terror operation in the Chechen Republiccapitol city of Grozny that has left nearly 50 dead is reporting that “at least” eight Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) covert operatives have been killed by Department “C” (Spetsgruppa Smerch) Spetsnaz (English: Special Purpose Forces) forces operating under the command of the Service of Special Operations (ССО).
According to these reports, President Putin was rushed to the National Defense Control Center (NDCC) at 01:15 (UTC+03:00) to oversee this operation after FSB operatives reported a three vehicle convoy had entered into Russia territory from Georgia along one of the many narcotic smuggling routes indentified in this Caucasus region.
These reports elude to the fact that these three vehicles had been under continued surveillance by the FSB due to the CIA’s continued recruitment of Chechen Islamic militants for their covert forces operating in Iraq, Syria and other Muslim nations, and which include the terrorists responsible for the 15 April 2013Boston Marathon Bombings
Most greatly concerning to the FSB regarding this convoy, these reports say, were the CIA operatives stopping while in route to Grozny from Georgia and observed by drone surveillance changing into local police uniforms.
After changing into their “counterfeit” police uniforms, these reports continue, the first attempt to stop this convoy was at the E-50 checkpoint that is needed to be passed prior to entering Grozny, but failed due to the “overwhelming firepower” of the CIA operatives that killed at least 10 police guards manning their post.
After the deadly attack upon these innocent guards, however, these reports state, Department “C” forces were able to force these CIA operatives to leave their “shredded vehicles” after which they took cover in the Press House building in the city centre where this massive battle took place, and as evidence by the videos below [Or view HERE and HERE]

As to the total death toll of this attack these FSB reports do not fully detail, but the National Anti-Terrorist Committee did release the following statement:
Most ominous to note in these reports are FSB intelligence analysts fully blaming the Obama regimes CIA and Saudi Arabia for this “unprovoked attack”, as the Saudis had previously threatened to do so unless Russia dropped its support for Syria, and both the Saudis and Americans have signed a secret pact to flood the world with cheap oil in an attempt to collapse the Russian economy. 
With the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Monday, 1 December, having reported that Putin had ordered 2,000 top officers to the “wartime government” headquarters in Moscow, this attack shows how grave the global situation has truly become.
Stay tuned for more reports on this story as further documents are translated and analyzed….
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[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]